Sponsor a Week at HAP

Are you seeking a meaningful way to support Humane Action Pittsburgh’s operations?

Support HAP in our mission to advocate for local animals by sponsoring a week of our work! Through our “Sponsor a Week at HAP” initiative, we will share weekly updates on social media, highlighting our accomplishments in animal protection during the week. As a sponsor, you’ll receive a special public acknowledgement via our newsletter and all social media channels for fueling this vital work! Followers and supporters will gain insight into our day-to-day operations, including our ongoing campaigns, collaborations, and accomplishments for animals.

Specifically, these activities include tasks such as:


  • Promoting health and wellness initiatives that include plant-based eating and education
  • Planning wildlife campaign initiatives, including creating toolkits and marketing that promote compassionate, humane techniques for coexisting with wild animals
  • Strategizing our plans to address single-use plastic waste issues in Pittsburgh and beyond
  • Participating in regular meetings of national coalitions to defend vital animal protection laws 
  • Recruiting and training new volunteers to support our organization’s activities
  • Developing materials for HAP’s youth education programs, including our Youth Steering Committee, Junior Animal Advocate certification, and more!
  • Designing educational trainings for nontraditional animal advocates, such as law enforcement and wildlife management agencies
  • Conducting fundraising activities such as applying for grants and event planning
  • And more!

As a generous sponsor, you will empower us to continue our essential work in protecting animals and the environment. As a special perk, you will be acknowledged as the sponsor whenever we share HAP’s week. This presents a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your support for Humane Action Pittsburgh and contribute to making a difference in the lives of local animals and the community.

Sponsorship costs just $50 a week!

Here is an example of a Sponsor a Week at HAP post from our Facebook page.

Interested in Sponsoring a Week at HAP or have questions? Reach out to our Executive Director, Natalie Ahwesh, at natalie.a@humaneactionpittsburgh.org or fill out the form below:


Judy Pappalard
In honor of Stella
Week 2/19–2/25

Janice Bahary
In honor of Officer Christine Luffey
Week 3/18–3/24

Christine Luffey
In honor of Effie
Week 4/15–4/21

Gary Weston
In honor of Annelie Gustaffson
Week 2/26–3/3

Christine Luffey
In honor of Effie
Week 3/25–3/31

Week 3/4–3/10

Christine Luffey
In honor of Effie
Week 4/1–4/7

Janice Bahary
In honor of Officer Christine Luffey
Week 3/11–3/17

Christine Luffey
In honor of Effie
Week 4/8–4/14