Program Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities with Humane Action Pittsburgh!

Unlock unique sponsorship avenues with Humane Action Pittsburgh (HAP) throughout the year! Our organization hosts a myriad of events and programs, providing corporations, organizations, and individuals like you the chance to make a meaningful impact. By becoming a sponsor, you not only receive well-deserved recognition and exclusive perks but also play a pivotal role in supporting crucial programming for our local community and its animals.

As a generous sponsor, you empower us to continue offering vital services and initiatives that positively influence animals, the environment, and our community. Discover the current events available for sponsorship and explore the diverse ways you can contribute to our cause. If you don’t find the perfect fit in our existing opportunities, don’t hesitate to connect with Natalie Ahwesh, our Executive Director, at We’re delighted to create customized sponsorship opportunities that align with your preferences and values.

Support Humane Action Pittsburgh and make a difference in the lives of our local animals and community. Your sponsorship fuels our commitment to creating positive change, one event at a time.