Vegan Night at PNC Park

In September 2017, Humane Action Pittsburgh partnered with the Pittsburgh Pirates to host Major League Baseball’s first ever Vegan Night! The event sold out with 300 guests that came from all over North America to take part in this unique event.

Guests feasted on cauliflower wings, jackfruit tacos, and more in what turned out to be the best-selling first-time special event in Pirates’ history! In fact, the event was so groundbreaking, that James Wilks brought his film crew from The Game Changers movie! HAP was even featured in the bonus footage.

The Pirates have continued the Vegan Night tradition since partnering with HAP, and several other teams in Major League Baseball have followed suit.

HAP continues to work with local sports teams, including the Riverhounds, Steelers, and more, to raise vegan and environmental awareness.

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