Sentient Being Proclamations

HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh has developed a Sentient Being Proclamation for all municipalities to formally recognize that all animals, regardless of species, are sentient beings with biological needs and physical and psychological sensibilities to experience positive emotions, negative emotions, and pain. Our Proclamation continues by stating that all animals are deserving of stewards, owners, and persons in charge of animals to attend properly to their welfare. Our hope is that this Proclamation will start a dialogue about animal protection among mayors across the state and country.

In February 2018, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania Mayor Matthew Rudzki became the first mayor in the country to make our Proclamation declaring that all animals are sentient beings. After meeting with HAP, Mayor Rudzki was inspired to make his Proclamation at a Sharpsburg City Council meeting.

In March 2018, Monessen, Pennsylvania Mayor Matt Shorraw became the first city mayor in the country to make our Proclamation that all animals are sentient beings. After collaborating with HAP, Mayor Shorraw made his Proclamation at HAP’s 2018 Heroes Award Reception.
In April 2018, Bellevue, Pennsylvania Mayor Emily Marburger accepted our challenge and made our Proclamation that all animals are sentient beings.

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