Puppy Mill Ban

In December 2015, HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh successfully drafted and worked for the passage of the first retail sales ban of dogs, cats, and rabbits not from a shelter or rescue in Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania. The Ordinance makes it illegal to sell commercially bred dogs, cats, and rabbits within city limits, while also requiring any licensed breeders and kennels to disclose the kennel license and sales license in all advertisements.

In collaboration with HAP, Pennsylvania Representative Jason Ortitay (R-Bridgeville) and Pennsylvania Senator Guy Reschenthaler (R-Jefferson Hills) have now introduced bills in the House of Representatives and Senate, respectively, to make our Pittsburgh ordinance a state-wide law for Pennsylvania. After similar ordinances have been passed in other cities and the state of California, HAP is excited to see our Ordinance make this rightful homecoming to our state.

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