Art for A Cause: Humane Action Pittsburgh’s Wildlife Mural Showcase

In 2024, Humane Action Pittsburgh engaged the expertise of accomplished local muralist, Jeremy Raymer, to undertake the creation of an expansive artistic representation underscoring our organization’s profound commitment for wildlife. Through meticulous planning and execution, Raymer has skillfully crafted a mural that surpasses conventional dimensions, serving as a tangible embodiment of our dedication to the welfare of wildlife. As we present this significant work, we invite you to engage with its details, recognizing the symbiotic connection between art and advocacy that defines this collaborative initiative.

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Thank you so much to John Craig and Fifth Influence for this fantastic video chronicling the project and the campaign that inspired it.

Meet the Artist

Jeremy M. Raymer


Born just twelve miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Jeremy Michael Raymer’s early connection to art grew in childhood watching Bob Ross painting happy little trees and continued into young adulthood attending several studio courses as an undergrad.

However, he never gave much thought to a career path as an artist, so he attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a degree in Bioengineering in 2004. Returning again in 2010 for a second degree in Electrical Engineering, Jeremy spent the decade as a professional in various science and engineering disciplines. It was during this time he was living in San Francisco where he was inspired to take up painting in his spare time.

During the first 7 years of exploration, Jeremy used oils and brushes to create small-scale works. After visiting Wynwood Walls near Miami in 2013, he experienced a display of large scale murals like he had never seen before. Their diverse styles, sheer number and eclectic combination of genres inspired him to try it. He purchased his first can of spray paint as soon as he returned home. It wasn’t long before he realized this medium allowed him to considerably increase the speed and surface area of his projects as well as drastically expand his color palette.

Considering his murals as very large drawings, his approach evokes a sense of intimacy with the viewer— each piece unique and rich with emotion particularly within portraits and eyes. In 2016 Jeremy walked away from financial security as a Senior Test Engineer and committed his efforts to work as a professional artist full time. Now, every waking moment is dedicated to propel his craft forward. Constantly working to develop his abilities and become one of the most notable muralists in Pittsburgh, each of Jeremy’s pieces outshines the last. He is influenced by his experience as a scientist, along with current events, pop culture, and antique photography.

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