Get Healthy Pittsburgh!

Get Healthy Pittsburgh! (GHP) is a proven program by Humane Action Pittsburgh to transform the Steel City into a healthier, happier, and more productive community! We helped people of all demographics, regardless of age or income level, to improve their health with a simple step-by-step plant-based program. As the City of Champions, it was only fitting that our residents have the healthy heart of a champion!

Leading health experts agreed that a plant-based diet is the ONLY diet proven to reverse heart disease, type II diabetes, and even potentially stave off cancer. It is the single best thing we could do for ourselves and our families — and for the responsible treatment of animals and our environment.


Developed by HAP, Get Healthy Pittsburgh! aims to transform Pittsburgh into a city where well-being knows no boundaries. The program caters to all demographics, irrespective of age or income level. In 2024, HAP was thrilled to be able to offer GHP on a pay-what-you-can model for the first time, accepting participants even if they could pay nothing.The program challenges participants to try a whole food plant-based diet for one week to measure how their health improved.  Not only is this diet best for humans, but for animals and the planet as well.

Under the guidance of Dr. Sandra Sobel from Summon Health, participants experienced a transformative journey. The kick-off event, led by Dr. Sobel, set the stage for success, introducing attendees to the program’s pillars and offering a tantalizing taste of plant-based delights. The program’s holistic approach included before-and-after biometric screenings, daily coaching on balanced meals, efficient food preparation, time-efficient physical activities, and more. The ‘reveal party’ became a celebration of accomplishments, showcasing tangible health improvements achieved in just one week.

Take a look at one of our participants receiving her results at the Reveal!



Average Improvement

average total cholesterol

average diastolic BP

average pounds lost

Best Individual Improvement

total cholesterol

diastolic BP

pounds lost

Before-and-after biometric screenings were included.

Participants were coached daily on everything they need to be healthier and happier. They learned how to prepare balanced meals, short-cut food prep, incorporate more activity in less time, and more. We all returned for the ‘reveal party’ where participants celebrated their achievements. When people realize they can drastically improve their health in only one week, they are highly motivated to continue


In May of 2022, participants were led by #1 New York Times best-selling author and founder of PLANTSTRONG, Rip Esselstyn. The program was open to the public and drew participants from as far away as South Carolina!


Average Improvement

Down per person

improvement for average LDL

improvement for average triglycerides

Best Individual Improvement


biggest improvement for LDL

improvement for triglycerides

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