As a dynamic force for positive change, Humane Action Pittsburgh takes pride in showcasing a glimpse of our remarkable victories over the years. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we’re thrilled to highlight some of our proudest achievements that have shaped our community. Advocating for animal welfare and environmental sustainability, HAP stands at the forefront of some of Pennsylvania’s most impactful animal and environmental initiatives. Explore our journey of triumphs made possible by our community of supporters like you.

HAP Hive Pollinator Garden

Bullhook Plus Ban

Puppy Mill Ban

Legislator Support

The Game Changers

Heart of a Hero

Wildlife Corridors

Get Healthy Pittsburgh!

Restricting Wild Bird Trapping & Selling

Passage of the Reptile Ordinance

Vegan Night at PNC Park

Pittsburgh Zoo Starting AZA Accreditation Process

Arrests Made for Pigeon Poisoning

Plastic Bag Ban

Foie Gras Ban