Humane Action Pittsburgh is here to help! We have developed these resource lists for various campaigns and projects and want them to be available to the public. Please feel free to share our resource guides and email us with any suggestions at

Love Your Wild Neighbor

Raccoons, groundhogs, and skunks are part of wild, wonderful Pennsylvania. HAP is working on a campaign to educate residents of Allegheny County and beyond on humane harassment techniques that serve as an alternative to trapping.

Pet Owner Resources

The Allegheny County District Attorneys’ Office and Pittsburgh Police requested compact lists of veterinary clinics and shelters for emergent situations, as well as low cost spay/neuter programs and food resources for struggling pet owners. While we created these lists to help law enforcement officers and district attorneys give animals brought in through the legal system the best possible care and provide those owners with the contacts they need to properly care for their pets in hard times, we also hope they can be of service to anyone in need.

Crisis Resources

Harmony Dog Rescue collaborated with HAP on this comprehensive guide dedicated to offering vital emergency animal resources tailored for individuals facing crisis situations such as domestic violence and homelessness. This document serves as a crucial reference, providing readers with essential information and support to ensure the well-being of their animal companions during challenging times.

Advice for Adopting a Shelter Pet

HAP Assistant Blogger, Hannah Lewis, collaborated with Mekaila Oaks from Redfin to share some advice to prepare your home for a shelter pet. If you or someone you are know are considering adding a shelter pet to your family, please check out some of our tips.

Plant-Based Diet Resources

HAP fully supports a plant-based, vegan diet, but we understand the transition may be difficult. However, going plant-based today is easier than it has ever been before. We have gathered a list of resources, including movies, books, website, and podcasts, to help guide you on your way.

Tips for Eliminating Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is everywhere. Once we are done using these items, they end up in our landfills and waterways where they endanger animals and contaminate the environment for hundreds of years. At HAP, we are committed to reducing and eliminating single-use plastic whenever possible. For resources to help, please check out

Humane Education Programs

HAP also offers free speakers to discuss animal protection and compassionate living for high school and college classes, assemblies and events. In addition, HAP provides free speakers to discuss the Every Living Thing campaign to houses of faith. If you are interested, please fill out our form.