Humane Education

Welcome Humane Action Pittsburgh into your classroom!

Young people see their world is changing around them — and they want answers. HAP believes taking meaningful action to address the most challenging issues of our time regarding climate change, animal protection, and plastic pollution is easy when you know what to do.

We can accommodate everything from small groups to school-wide assemblies. Request an educational program for your class today!


Transforming Your World as an Advocate & Citizen Lobbyist — providing the skill set for effective communication with your legislators.

  • Understand the difference between an advocate and a citizen lobbyist
  • How to prevent and relieve animal suffering by lending your voice for animals
  • The same tools of social change apply to all kinds of advocacy; animal, human or environmental.
  • Experience a role-play between a legislator and citizen lobbyist

Compassionate Living — why the plant-based lifestyle is best for the animals, our planet and your health.

  • How the meat and dairy lobbies wrote the Standard American Diet (SAD) 
  • Feeding a world facing explosive population growth
  • The link between climate change and eating meat
  • The protein myth
  • The only diet proven to reverse and prevent heart disease 
  • Transitioning from SAD to Plant-Strong

Ending Our Reliance on Single Use Plastic — powerful solutions focused on personal responsibility.

  • Single-use plastic is permanent pollution
  • 3 powerful beliefs for overwhelming situations 
  • Recycling doesn’t work
  • The power of youth; just ask Greta
  • Why we can and must resolve the plastic crisis 
  • Actions you can take today

HAP Educators will come to your school in-person or via Zoom. All classes are highly interactive and empower students to become problem-solving leaders and citizens who contribute to society.