Most people would love to help animals… if they only knew how.

Your gift to HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh will help us take on the most appalling animal issues of our time. Understanding that the best way to safeguard animals is to protect them from harm in the first place, HAP affects meaningful change through education, policy, and community action.

In doing so, HAP members have come to the aid of untold numbers of animals — in the circus, puppy mills, the zoo, in the wild, and on the farm. We don’t just help puppies and kittens, we work to protect ALL animals.

Make a one-time or monthly donation to HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh

Make a Cash Donation

Perhaps the easiest way to support HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh is by making a one-time or a monthly cash donation. On behalf of HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh and all of the animals we protect, thank you for your generosity!

Facebook birthday fundraiser for HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh

Facebook Fundraiser

Celebrate your birthday with a gift for the animals! Create a fundraiser to support HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh and Facebook will take care of the donation processing with no fees.

  1. Go online to Fundraisers (
  2. Select Nonprofit: HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh

Host Your Own Fundraiser

Hosting your own fundraiser is a fun way to raise money for Humane Action Pittsburgh. These fundraisers vary in type and size, but can include anything from lemonade stands, car washes, birthday parties, bake sales, golf tournaments, and more!

Tips on fundraising:

  • Lead the way. Start by making a gift of your own and ask your friends and family to match your donation.
  • Enlist your friends, family, and coworkers to spread the word.
  • Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions are a wonderful time to share your love with Humane Action Pittsburgh to celebrate your special day.
  • Just ask! Most people are more than willing to help support causes that are being endorsed by peers.
  • Remember any events must align with HAPs policies and values, e.g. no animal products, mindfulness of waste and single use plastic, etc.

Listed below are ways Humane Action Pittsburgh can help with your fundraiser:

  • Provide consultation for fundraisers and events
  • Provide a letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers
  • Provide and approve use of our logo, provided certain criteria are met
  • Help you select a HAP campaign for your donation to support
  • Coordinate check presentations

We are here to support you. However, there are some services we are unable to provide:

  • Insurance or liability coverage
  • Mailing list of donors and/or vendors
  • HAP stationary
  • Funding or reimbursement of your expenses
  • Guaranteed publicity (e.g. newspaper, radio, television)
  • Guaranteed volunteer help or attendance of HAP leadership or members
  • Guaranteed event planning assistance

If you’re interested in hosting your own fundraiser to benefit HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh, please contact Kayla Seifert, Director of Fundraising at

Host a fundraiser for HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh
Donate your vehicle to help HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh

Vehicle Donation

CARS makes donating your vehicle easy. They take care of everything from the pick-up and sale to sending you the donation receipt and necessary tax documents.

If you prefer to call:

  1. Call (855) 500-7433 or go to
  2. Choose HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh from the featured nonprofits
  3. Schedule a pick-up

Legacy Gift

Continue protecting animals beyond your lifetime by leaving a meaningful contribution for HAP in your will. Your gift will help create a more humane world for all animals for years to come. It’s easier than you think!

  1. Contact HAP Executive Director Natalie Ahwesh at to provide your estate planner’s name, address, and phone number.
  2. Provide your estate planner with the following:
    Our legal name: HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh EIN #38-4135485.
leave a legacy gift for HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh