Veterans for Mustangs Act

Currently, management of wild horse populations includes rounding them up for slaughter for the horse meat industry. The Veterans for Mustangs Act (VMA) proposes a more humane solution.

This bill would train veterans to administer contraceptives to wild horses in order to safely manage the population while connecting veterans with meaningful, restorative work.

The VMA already has bipartisan backing. All you have to do is call your U.S. house member and say, “I’m a constituent and I’d like you to cosponsor H.R. 726, the Veterans for Mustangs Act.”

To find your house member, use this link.

Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

In April 2023, we held a special screening of Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West, winner of the 2022 Boston Film Festival’s Best Documentary Film award, at Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville. The documentary features important information on the wild horse round-ups that are happening out West. It leads the viewer through an immersive experience of what it is like to be out on the range, or literally among a herd of galloping mustangs.

This screening also featured an exclusive talk and Q&A session with Marty Irby. Irby is the former executive director at Animal Wellness Action and former senior vice president at the Center for a Humane Economy in Washington, D.C. He was honored in 2020 by the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for his work to end the soring of walking horses, doping of American racehorses, and slaughter of American equines. Irby has worked to successfully enact 12 federal animal protection laws since 2018 and currently serves on the campaign steering committees for US representatives Nancy Mace and Buddy Carter.

Thank you to The Wild Beauty Foundation for allowing us to share this important documentary. Keep an eye out for the public release of Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West!

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