HB 1210: PFA Companion Animal Bill

Humane Action Pittsburgh has been diligently advocating for the passage of HB1210 to allow companion animals to be added to Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders. This crucial legislation recognizes the inseparable bond between domestic violence victims and their pets, ensuring that victims do not have to choose between their safety and the well-being of their beloved animals. Through education, outreach, and collaboration with lawmakers and advocacy groups, Humane Action Pittsburgh aims to highlight the importance of this bill in protecting both humans and animals from abuse and coercion. By raising awareness and mobilizing support, they strive to create a safer and more compassionate environment for families and their pets across Pennsylvania.

In June of 2023, HB1210 passed the PA House with bipartisan support. Now we just need it to pass in the Senate. We are so close, but the clock is ticking. Please contact your PA State Senator and tell them to support HB1210! Not sure who it is? Find out here.

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