Ending Canine Cruelty in PA


HAP is working to eradicate Pennsylvania “animal mills” — inhumane, high-volume breeding facilities that churn out puppies, kittens, and other pets.

sad dog in cage looking through bars


When animals are born and bred in facilities that ignore their most basic needs, they do not receive adequate veterinary care, food, water, and socialization. As a result, animals in these facilities often face an array of health problems, including communicable diseases, behavioral issues, and genetic disorders.

The Facts

Pennsylvania is one of the worst states in the country for these breeding factories due, in part, to outdated laws, a lack of inspectors, and inadequate funding.

Pennsylvania’s puppy mill violations have been numerous. Puppies have been sold underage. Emaciated animals have been recovered. Animals have been kept without adequate protection from the elements, light, space, water, or fresh air. Visible health issues have even gone untreated, and animals have been found in environments with excess feces.

It’s not only dogs. Cats, rabbits, chinchillas, and other animals are also mass-produced. These animals do not receive enough protections under the law, and even when the law does protect them, facilities receive insufficient inspections.


What is HAP doing about it?

Over the past several years, HAP has hosted half a dozen forums with the country’s top experts in animal protection, along with nontraditional advocates such as attorneys, media outlets, legislators, the Attorney General’s office, and more. The purpose of these forums was to identify problems and create solutions. In 2021, several bills addressing the most pressing issues will be introduced by a bipartisan team of legislators.


How You Can Help

As an all-volunteer organization, HAP has spent thousands of dollars organizing and hosting these forums for experts across the world. Your donations will go towards ensuring we are able to continue our work.

Further, as these bills are introduced, we will need Pennsylvania residents to contact their state legislators asking them to support the bill.

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