Ending Canine Cruelty Coalition

To join the Ending Canine Cruelty Coalition, please fill out the member application!


As a member of the Ending Canine Cruelty Coalition (ECCC), you will contribute your knowledge, expertise, and passion to help promote efforts to end canine cruelty.   Help Humane Action Pittsburgh as we work to promote positive and sustainable change to eliminate canine cruelty and suffering by collaborating with other organizations, advocates, and professionals across Pennsylvania who share the same goal. 

There is a need to promote accountability, enforce regulations, and implement or update legislation to safeguard and protect dogs in Pennsylvania and punish those who mistreat, neglect, threaten, or harm them. 

Advocacy and legislation can have a powerful impact on addressing issues and facilitating positive changes to improve the safety, well-being, and overall living conditions of animals. Legislation and the enforcement of laws and regulations are vital to ensuring that animals are protected from harm and have adequate care and resources needed to ensure their overall well-being. 

Coalition Members

We are thankful for the advocates from all across Pennsylvania that are bringing their knowledge, expertise, and passion to the table to end puppy mill misery.

sad dog in cage looking through bars



Any individual or organization based in Pennsylvania is eligible to become a member of the ECCC.  



  • Promote positive and sustainable change for the lives of animals.
  • Join the organized statewide effort to eliminate animal suffering through collaboration with other professional, mission-drive advocates
  • Receive training and support on how to effectively communicate with your legislators



  • Encouraged to attend one-hour coalition meetings every other month
  • Encouraged to attend special topic webinars to learn about the issues, proposed policy changes, and how to effectively craft and deliver your message to legislators
  • Coordinate and attend a meeting with your legislators and a HAP representative
  • Share and promote ECCC educational material and action alerts with your members, Board, staff, and community via your newsletter, website, social media, etc. (if an organization)  Individuals may share within their network as well!
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates on happenings across PA
  • Complete Action Alerts in a timely manner

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