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Are you passionate about ending canine cruelty in Pennsylvania? Join the movement and become a member of the Ending Canine Cruelty Coalition (ECCC) to contribute your expertise and make a positive impact!

Why Join the ECCC?

As an ECCC member, you play a crucial role in promoting efforts to eliminate canine cruelty. Collaborate with like-minded individuals, organizations, and professionals across Pennsylvania to bring about positive and sustainable change. Together, we work towards enforcing regulations, updating legislation, and ensuring accountability to protect dogs from mistreatment, neglect, and harm.

Coalition Members

We are thankful for the advocates from all across Pennsylvania who bring their knowledge, expertise, and passion to the table to protect companion animals.

Harmony Dog Rescue
Griffin Pond Animal Shelter
Christian Animal Rights Association
sad dog in cage looking through bars



Whether you’re an individual or organization based in Pennsylvania or dedicated to protecting companion animals in the state, you’re eligible to become an ECCC member.


  • Promote positive and sustainable change for companion animals.
  • Join a statewide effort to eliminate companion animal suffering through collaboration with professionals and advocates.
  • Receive training and support on effective communication with legislators.



  • Attend special topic webinars to stay informed about issues and policy changes.
  • Coordinate and attend meetings with legislators alongside an HAP representative.
  • Share ECCC educational material and action alerts through your channels (newsletter, website, social media).
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates 
  • Join our Action Team and complete alerts promptly.

How to Join:
To make a difference in the lives of companion animals, fill out the ECCC member application today! (link)

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