Safeguarding our Rivers from Nurdles


An ethylene cracker plant is being built in Beaver County that will produce and ship billions of nurdles, tiny pellets used as a building block for plastic products.



As seen in similar plants across the country where proper safeguards were not in place, nurdles often end up in our waterways. Animals often mistake the nurdles for food and ingest them, leading to suffering and death.

Yellow plastic pellets

The Facts

Neither PA nor Federal law prohibit nurdle discharges. It is only through education and relationship-building both within the community and with the producers (in this instance, Shell) that meaningful policies to prevent and mitigate nurdle discharges can be achieved.

What is HAP doing about it?

HAP is working with other plastics and environmentally minded groups, along with state and local elected officials, to create a dialogue with Shell regarding Best Management Practices, clear accountability, and a robust, public monitoring plan. 


How You Can Help

Donations will help support our efforts to protect the environment and wildlife. Come to our next meeting for updates on this campaign and our other projects.

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Safeguarding our Rivers from Nurdles

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