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HAP is working to beautify our community, protect wildlife, and gather useful data on common litter items by promoting “plogging” – the practice of picking up litter while jogging or walking outside.



Litter is everywhere in our community.


Plogger picking up litter on her walk

The Facts

Every year, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania spend millions on cleaning up litter in our communities and along our roads. If left in the environment, this litter is not only unsightly, it is also harmful to wildlife. Collecting litter can remove these harmful items from the environment and gathering data on that litter can drive policy changes.

What is HAP doing about it?

HAP is promoting the practice of plogging here in Pittsburgh. We are partnering with college track teams and student affairs to mobilize students to help clean up litter. We also worked with the Clean Pittsburgh Commission to bring the Litterati app to the City of Pittsburgh to collect data on litter collected while plogging. Our goal is that this data will help support policy decisions that will cut the amount of litter ending up in the environment.


How You Can Help

If you enjoy jogging or walking, you can start plogging now! Simply pick one or more of your weekly walks to be a “plog” and bring along a bag to collect trash.

If you’d like to get more involved, you can join the HAP Pittsburgh Ploggers Litterati team to document your litter pickups and contribute data to help document the worst litter offenders and drive policy changes. Click here to learn how to use the Litterati app. (Use our code: “PGHPLOG”). Download the app for Apple or in the Google store.

Plogging events happen monthly but you can always contribute to the cause by picking up trash on your own and using our team code in the Litterati app.

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