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Many fundraisers and events are still serving meat—even by advocates for animals, the environment, and human health. Doing so misrepresents the mission of these organizations.

At Humane Action Pittsburgh, we believe we cannot thoroughly promote the protection of animals while simultaneously serving animals on plates at our events. As such, we guarantee that all HAP events are completely plant-based, whether they are hosted by HAP or sponsored by a third party.

Factory Farm Cruelty

The U.S. is ranked the number one meat eating country in the world. That requires a massive production of meat each year. The USDA reports that 9.76 billion land animals were killed in 2020.

99% of all farm animals in the U.S. live in factory farms, also referred to as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Farm animals are also the most abused animals on the planet. CAFOs are purposely kept away from public view because of their mistreatment of animals (out of sight, out of mind). CAFOs keep the vast majority of their animals in dirty, cramped conditions. These animals are denied even the most basic of needs, often including the ability to turn around. In their short lives, these animals are bred, mutilated, and pumped full of additives and antibiotics. They’re living and dying in a way that is not natural.

To keep up with U.S. animal deaths in real time, visit Animal Kill Clock.

Compassionate vegan company lunch

Become an Ally

If you are part of an organization still serving meat, reach out to us!

We will help by providing catering suggestions, meal planning, assisting with donor letters and newsletter announcements, and more. If your organization is already vegan or vegetarian, let us know so we can add you to our list of partners.

The Pros of Plant-Based eating

It’s not just the animals suffering—humans and the environment are at risk, too. Eating animals is killing the planet. CAFOs are responsible for 18.4% of global greenhouse emissions, and 37% of methane emissions. Reducing meat consumption is the number one policy recommendation by the United Nations to reverse climate change.

An excess of meat, specifically red meat, is also bad for your health—it can lead to:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Certain cancers

A plant-based diet not only prevents heart disease, but it can also reverse it. Additionally, eating plant-based can:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase fiber
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Maintain a healthy weight


Compassionate Events Resource Guide

Are you interested in learning how to run events that leave animal products off the menu?

We know it can be difficult to source meals if you aren’t sure where to start. We’ve made things a little easier by putting together a Compassionate Events Resource Guide to help you plan your next event with ease.


How is HAP Doing Its part?

HAP commends all organizations that help animals. We want to give special recognition to those organizations that have taken meat off their menus. HAP’s Compassionate Events program recognizes organizations that exclusively serve vegan and/or vegetarian meals according to a Gold, Silver, and Bronze level.

Our Gold Partners have committed to a complete plant-based menu (no meat, fish, dairy, or eggs) at events hosted by their organization. Our Silver Partners have committed to a vegetarian menu (no meat or fish) at their events. Finally, our Bronze Partners have committed to providing at least one vegetarian/vegan option at their events.

SILVER Partners

Committed to providing a fully vegetarian menu at all events hosted by the organization (may include dairy or eggs)

BRONZE Partners

Committed to providing at least one vegetarian and/or vegan option at all events hosted by the organization

Thank you to all of our Gold, Silver, and Bronze Compassionate Events Partners. We cannot thank you enough for your commitment to keeping animals off the menu!

If your organization would like to be recognized as a HAP Compassionate Events Partner, please complete our online submission form.

Silver Partner Testimonial

“Making Biscuits Bingo a vegetarian event is something that I always wanted to do. Although I received some push back, it was worth it. It’s the right thing to do. It is unfair to raise money to help animals when other animals are part of the menu. Biscuits Bingo will help all animals!”

Christine Luffey

Pittsburgh Police Officer

Animal Safe Haven

Founded in 1989, Animal Place is one of the largest and oldest animal sanctuaries in the nation. Operating a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, Animal Place extends compassion to all life with a special emphasis on farmed animals.

Through their Food for Thought campaign, they work with organizations to help them transition to a vegetarian or vegan food policy for events and fundraisers. HAP is proud to partner with Animal Place and be a participant in the Food for Thought campaign.

Want to try out a vegan or vegetarian menu policy? They can support you through their many grant opportunities. Find out more here.


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