Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

We will celebrate our 7th anniversary since the founding of HAP in a church basement when 45 dreamers assembled and dared to ask “what if”. Now, with 17 HAP-inspired ordinances signed into law, more than 100 educational events behind us, and a network of members and partners driving animal protection forward, we believe our best days are surely ahead.

Securing animal protections, given the challenges of 2020-2021, meant keeping our same goals but changing plans and strategies as needed. These campaigns, years in the making, proved victorious in 2021 — like the Pittsburgh Zoo’s commitment to restore AZA protections for over 8,000 animals in their custody, enactment of the new reptile ordinance, enforcement of the wild bird law, and the introduction of our first HAP inspired statewide puppy mill law.

2020 Annual Report

Now at home with time on our hands, we found that stakeholders in animal protection were widely available and ready to ‘meet’ over zoom video conferencing. The HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh team reached out to more educators, law enforcement officials, legislators, and non-traditional advocates than ever before.

HAP became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on May 22, with an effective date of exemption of May 21, 2019. This is welcome news as our mission, along with our expenses, have grown. HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh is extremely grateful for the contributions from so many that make our mission possible.

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