About Us

HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with nonpartisan members who are dedicated to advancing animal protection through education, policy, and community action.​



OUR VISION​ is a world without animal suffering where all beings are treated with compassion.


OUR MISSION is to advance the protection of all animals by empowering people to affect change through education, policy, and community action.


Our Core Values



By educating ourselves and the community on the most pressing animal issues of our time and recommending common sense solutions that decision-makers rely on, we set the standard in animal protection to prevent suffering for all animals. We advance our cause with proven methods —progress over perfection, changing course when needed, being prepared, and staying well connected.



Effective advocacy happens by building relationships grounded in cooperation and a shared vision. HAP values inclusivity and professional etiquette. We welcome new friends and allies without regard to race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.



We set high expectations and achieve them by working with exceptional people who bring their wide array of talents and passion for animal well-being. In order to develop a free and creative culture, we respect the opinions, ideas, and feelings of others. We are committed to our team and fulfilling our mission by supplying the tools for individuals to become remarkable leaders and advocates.



We are stronger together. Collaborating with colleagues, sponsors, legislators, and leaders in business, faith, and advocacy, we find that animal protection is well within reach. With enthusiastic support of each other, we reach goals that we only dared to dream.



We establish ambitious, clearly defined goals, and work in a long term and systematic manner to realize our objectives and create positive outcomes. We measure our success by our ability to protect animals and allow them to live free of harm.

Vision & Mission

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