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In September 2020, in collaboration with Animal Wellness Action, HAP hosted a panel discussion on the groundbreaking documentary Endgame 2050.

Our amazing panel had an incredibly moving and engaging discussion that we are proud to share.

Thank you so much to our amazing panelists:
Natalie Ahwesh, HAP Vice President;
Brandon Burr, Animal Wellness Action’s Director of Food Policy; Sofia Pineda OchoaEndgame 2050 Director, Producer, and Narrator; and
Bob RapfogelEndgame 2050 Producer

Join our discussion on Facebook here.

HAP has meetings every six weeks where we discuss current federal, state, and local animal issues. Meetings always include Action Alerts, or a list of simple actions members can take to speak up for animals. Meetings frequently feature  guest speakers, including former, current, and hopeful federal, state, and local leaders.

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